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China Gold has 7 major business sectors: Zhongjin Gold, China Gold International, Zhongjin Jewelry, Zhongjin Construction, Zhongjin Resources, Zhongjin Irradiation and Zhongjin Trade. It has 57 subsidiaries located in 26 provinces and municipalities and overseas, two of them are public listed companies (Zhongjin Gold domestically listed in A-stock market and China Gold International listed in Canadian Toronto Exchange and Hong Kong Exchange). There are over 1600 “China Gold” franchised stores nationwide. China Gold has been planning to build 20 gold production basis and 3 non-ferrous production basis along China’s main mineralization belt. It has the only state gold research institute and gold design institute in China’s gold industry and 2 high-tech industry demonstrate basis. It also boasts of bio-oxidation gold extracting technology with independent property rights, raw ore roasting technology, and the “99.999” supreme gold extraction technology representing the highest level in China’s similar industries.

Ever since 2007, new leadership of China Gold has initiated the development concept of “extraordinary thinking and leaping development”, and carried out the strategy of “centering on gold while developing multiple metals”. They have been adhering to the scientific development principle stipulating that environmental protections is the foundation, green mines lifts morale, harmony promotes growth and science and technology creates new opportunities. China Gold therefore successfully realizes its goal of quadrupling resource reserve, total assets, sales revenue and profit within four years. China Gold ranks No.1 in China’s gold industry in 5 indices regarding gold resource reserve, mineral gold output, refined gold output, gold investment products market share and gold dressing and processing technology. In 2010 and 2011, China Gold was accredited as A level enterprise for two consecutive years with a comprehensive enterprise credit of AAA level in the annual stated-owned enterprise performance evaluation by SASAC, the first one in China’s gold industry winning that highest rating.

China Gold takes stock of the present and makes plans for the future. In the period of the 12th Five Year Plan, it accelerates transforming economic growth mode, takes good use of its achievements and improves quality of development, so as to enter Top 500 in the world and become a world-class mining company by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan.

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