Guiding Ideology

The Company vigorously promotes the comprehensive reform of its system with market forces and norms, pushes forward a new round of development unswervingly to ensure turning the Company into an extra-large international mining group with high efficiency and technology by 2030.

Strategic positioning and key points
  • The Company insists on having gold and copper mineral products as the principal business and 4 combines it with other metal mineral products, strictly controls the extended industries and the investment in non-mining projects. Non-mining projects investment must have significant synergy effect with the principal business. The Company will explore the chance to enter into new energy mining industry (shale gas).
  • The Company adheres to the integration of mining, financial and trading functions. The Company develops and strengthens the finance company to further enhance its role as a fund management platform, studies the path to combine mining and finance, promotes to set up a commercial bank with synergy effect at an appropriate time, strengthens the development of sales and marketing platform of gold and metal products.
  • The Company adheres to the combination of resources prioritization and structure optimization. The Company puts more efforts in merger and acquisition of mineral resources and large-scale mining companies, strives to achieve successful acquisitions of a number of extra-large mining deposits, strengthens the supplemental exploration for the potential mining areas and the geological prospecting work for the important metallogenic prospects, achieves the fast growth of mineral resources reserve volume, adheres to focusing on big projects while giving up small ones, having progression and retreat, eliminating projects not creating value for the Company and optimizing the assets structure continuously.
  • The Company insists on the integration of internationalization, large-scale projects and assets securitization. Internationalization is an important direction for the Company’s future development while large-scale projects are the main way for future growth. The Company will grow bigger and stronger with the support from the internal and external capital markets.
  • The Company insists on the integration of aggressive strategy and strict risk control and management, grasps the important opportunity of mining industry adjustment, takes action timely and decisively to merge and acquire mining companies (projects) which have significant impact on the Company’s future; makes a move within its ability at the same time with appropriate level and pace to avoid significant risks.
  • The Company insists on the integration of market-oriented reform and scientific management, actively promotes the corporate management reform, allows the market principles to decide the allocation of the Company’s assets, human resources and technologies, etc., strengthens the modern scientific management, enhances the management and control systems of the group, regional companies and subsidiaries, comprehensively improves the planning and budget control, comprehensively promotes the information technology development for mining, and enhances the safety and environmental protection standards.
  • The Company insists on the integration of Chinese culture and international rules, carries forward the China spirit of “working hard for development, striving for innovations”, follows the international rules and widely shared values and concepts, and combines the outstanding elements of China corporate culture with the international advanced management concepts.

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