In the past years, the Company has been growing continuously. It has achieved the strategic goals to be a leading company in domestic gold industry and then in domestic metals mining industry, and now is turning into the third strategic development stage. The Company basically has the strengths and conditions to enter into the rank of advanced international mining industry, which is the Company’s third magnificent strategic goal.

Since the international and domestic economic situations and mining industry fundamentals have undergone profound changes, global mining industry has entered into a new period of adjustment. The prices of major products of metal mining industry are running low, the pace of merger, acquisition and restructuring of mining industry becomes faster. Opportunities and challenges co-exist. The Company’s development is like riding a boat upstream, it will go downstream if we do not strive for advancement. The Company can only seize the opportunities of the world’s economy and mining industry adjustment, grasp opportunities of the industrialization and urbanization in China to push forward a new round of development unswervingly so as to adapt to the new situations, overcome the difficulties, achieve new developments, create new accomplishments, attain the third strategic goal as entering into the rank of advanced international mining industry and the ultimate goal to be an extra-large international mining group with high efficiency and technology.

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